Experience Teleportation

March 6th, 2021 21:00 GMTOnline, oQQur.com

This is cool as fuck, man - Krum
What a great innovation of the current time - Pranav
I feel like a 5 year old in a candy shop... - Lukas

Welcome to oQQur a place that brings everything you love about travelling, while staying at home.

Experience the world like never before. 3 stories, 3 people in 3 locations will immerse you in the atmosphere of amazing places around the world. Led by passionate hosts, you will meet other travel and story enthusiasts as you explore in real time.

Get lost wondering the world, from one place to another, as story unfolds in front of your eyes. Watch or take action to change the story as it goes.

oQQur will open for exactly 60 minutes. Tickets are limited. 18+ ONLY.

WHEN: Saturday nights at 9PM GMT / 4PM EDT.

WHERE: A link and password will be emailed to ticket holders the day of the show an hour before the club opens.

To forge an unforgettable experiences with your friends, colleagues or loved ones, contact us at [email protected] for special group offerings and custom tailored happenings and experiences within oQQur.